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Innovation requires teamwork, partnership and collaboration.

Iksuda has built a world-leading ADC R&D team, but we also recognise the value of research collaborations with experts in related fields. We currently work with several research institutions in the US, Europe, Japan and Australasia on a variety of ADC-related platforms.    

We welcome discussions with research groups around the world to develop additional exciting platforms and therapies for the future. We are flexible in our approach to collaboration and are happy to consider any novel ADC-relevant platforms & programs.

Partnering with industry

Iksuda's success in ADC development is intrinsicly linked to how successful we make our partners.

Collaborative research: With our multiple platforms and expert ADC R&D Team, we are happy to work with industry partners on the design and development of class leading ADCs to our partner’s target choices.  

ADC programs: Our focus is to deliver drugs to cancer patients which make a positive difference to their treatment; selecting a strong commercialization partner is key to that goal.

All Iksuda’s ADC programs are available for license on a WW or Regional basis. Iksuda is also happy to grant exclusive rights under option for early-stage programs.

ADC platforms: We have developed a series of high-value ADC assets, which are available for collaborative research and license.


Iksuda's partnering model

Our partners

When I talk to the Iksuda team, I know I can talk openly and honestly with comfort as if we were old friends. I am confident that we are creating the best novel ADC drugs together with Iksuda, with shared expertise and passion.

Sejin Park VP & CFO, Legochem Biosciences

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Ian Evetts

Chief Business Officer

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