ADC Design Principles


Multiple payload mechanism options for optimal ADC design choices

Matching the right payload MOA to target and tumor

Selecting the most relevant payload MOA for a given tumor or target is critical in ADC design.

Iksuda has a variety of payload MOA choices based on proprietary and collaborative research. Our development focus centers around the progression of ADCs for hard-to-treat solid tumors.

We design and test candidates with several payload MOAs, searching for the best anti-tumor power across all expression levels.

We incorporate tumor-selective payload activation and release technologies to ensure precision targeting and added safety.

Potency High High - Moderate High - Moderate Moderate Moderate
Safety profile Best-in-class Best-in-class Best-in-class Best-in-class tbd
Planned use IKS03 & IKS04 + Pipeline IKS073 & IKS02 +Pipeline Ongoing development Speciality payload: Select patients Ongoing development
Attribute Prodrug DNA Crosslinking Prodrug Protein Alkylating Prodrug DNA Mono-Alkylating CDK11 NexGen tubulin binders


Multiple, relevant payload choices

A selection of payload mechanisms is imperative in the design of clinically relevant ADCs to nominated targets and tumor indications.

Iksuda has a wide range of payloads from known and novel classes that enable optimal ADC design. 

As ADC programs have gained momentum and expanded in clinical development, it has become clear that new generation payloads are necessary to improve the probability of clinical success. For example, the lack of sensitivity to tubulin inhibitor MOA limits benefit for many solid tumors; traditional DNA-crosslinker payloads have met roadblocks due to acute and delayed toxicity. 

We recognise the need for access to a wide variety of payload mechanisms since optimal ADC design is founded on matching the most appropriate payload MOA to the targeted antigen and relevant tumor indication(s). 

We are developing next-generation payloads with traditional mechanisms, including DNA cross-linkers & alkylators and more potent tubulin binders, as well as payloads with novel mechanisms, such as our proprietary ProAlk series of protein alkylators as well as pro-apoptotic kinase inhibitors. 

Iksuda's prodrug payload options should enable high ADC power with good TI

Tumor-selective activation and release of the most appropriate payload mechanism represents a powerful approach in the development of enhanced ADCs.

Iksuda's premise is to optimize the delivery of each payload MOA through tailored release & activation kinetics. We believe that we can extend the utility and power of our ADCs over traditional approaches, whilst simultaneously enhancing TI     

Iksuda technologies enable better performing ADCs.

Our ADCs incorporate tumor-selective activation technologies to improve therapeutic index whilst maintaining high potency anti-tumor activity.

Our ADC design principles include matching the most relevant payload MOA with the target and its associated tumor(s). We are focused on optimizing the release and activation of payload candidates according to MOA, thus optimizing intra-tumoral delivery.

We continue to build our series of proprietary payload options for known and novel mechanisms. For some ADC programs, we have noted that our design elements bring traditional payloads back into play and/ or extend their clinical applications, enabling more options.

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Ian Evetts

Chief Business Officer