About us

Designing and developing a pipeline of optimized ADCs

Leading the field, not following

The ADC field continues to grow as ongoing technology innovations address past shortcomings for an improved probability of success.

Iksuda is at the forefront of this, developing the best ADCs for any given target based on selecting the most clinically relevant combination of antibody, conjugation chemistry, linker and payload mechanism.

Our purpose

We strive to bring better therapies to cancer patients, especially where current treatment options are limited. Our goal is to design and develop the best ADC for any given target through careful selection of the best combination of multiple components. We believe that the modular nature of the ADC modality provides an unparalleled opportunity for continued technologic improvement of next generation ADC therapeutics.

Our differentiated technology model

Advancing only the best ADCs toward the clinic. Iksuda’s later stage ADC pipeline is centred around known targets where clinical ADC benchmarks have shown clear evidence of target-dependent clinical activity, but where improvements in anti-cancer activity and/ or safety could result in a therapy with wider clinical utility.

Groundbreaking science delivered by expert teams

The quality of our people defines our business. Our people are given the freedom to innovate, alongside the guidance and support that comes with being part of a collaborative team.