ADC Design Principles

Revolutionising ADC development

Iksuda’s goal is to design and develop the best ADC for any given target – to shift the treatment paradigm for hard-to-treat cancers.

Iksuda has built an extensive portfolio of ADC assets through in-house research and strategic collaborations to help direct our choices, including stable, scalable bioconjugation chemistries, advanced tumor-selective linkers and multiple, novel payload choices with different mechanisms.

Our ADC design capabilities therefore enable us to overcome therapeutic index limitations, bioconjugation stability issues, payload resistance challenges and preclinical calibration guesswork. We only progress ADC candidates through IND enabling studies if they demonstrate clinically meaningful differentiation over in-clinic comparators or SoC.

I am thrilled to be working at Iksuda because of our commitment to lead the crowd, not follow it

Robert Lutz Chief Science Officer

ADC Design Principles

Building a successful ADC pipeline requires experience-based integration of multiple components to achieve a high probability of success. Iksuda ensures the optimal delivery of the most appropriate payload MoA for any given target and tumor; all programs incorporate tumor-selective payload release & activation.

ADC Design Strategy

Building superior ADCs

Iksuda ADCs are designed for maximum anti-cancer impact and market leading TI, for patients that, today, have few effective treatment options.

Tumor Selective Payload Activation

Precision targeting of the optimal payload MOA

Iksuda incorporates highly advanced tumor-selective cleavable linkers in all its ADCs for improved safety.

Optimal Payload Choices

Multiple payload series with known and novel mechanisms

Iksuda matches the most appropriate payload MOA to the target and tumor for maximum anti-cancer efficacy.

Stable Bioconjugation

Simple, scalable solutions to ADC instability

Stable bioconjugation is fundamental to ADC design. Iksuda uses proprietary and in-licensed technologies for the stable bioconjugation to wild-type or engineered antibodies.