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01 ADC design principles

Building a successful ADC pipeline requires experience-based integration of multiple components to achieve a high probability of success. Iksuda ensures the optimal delivery of the most appropriate payload MoA for any given target and tumor; all programs incorporate tumor-selective payload release & activation.  

Through our design principles and a large toolbox of ADC assets, our programs are designed to deliver the best ADC for any given target. We match the most appropriate payload mechanism for both tumor and target, with payloads being delivered through tumor-selective activation for enhanced efficacy and safety.

Clearly, stable bioconjugation is a fundamental requirement in ADC design: Iksuda has its own proprietary bioconjugation platform, PermaLink, which has been designed to deliver 100% stability and is suitable for wild-type and engineered antibodies. Iksuda also has access to LCB’s ConjuAll platform.    

Iksuda’s development choices are based on robust differentiation criteria in early preclinical testing. Our ADCs must demonstrate clinically meaningful differentiation vs in-clinic or on-market comparators in both efficacy and safety. Simply, they are designed to deliver market leading therapeutic index (TI), through improvements in efficacy AND toxicity threshold.    

02 Differentiated technology model

Iksuda has built an extensive portfolio of ADC assets through in-house research and strategic collaborations to help direct our choices, including stable, scalable bioconjugation chemistries, advanced tumor-selective linkers and multiple, novel payload choices with different mechanisms.

Our ADC design capability therefore enables us to overcome therapeutic index limitations, bioconjugation stability issues, payload resistance challenges and preclinical calibration guesswork.  

Our highly advanced tumor-selective cleavable linkers and triggers help to eliminate on-site toxicity and heightened efficacy.

Iksuda has its own proprietary ultra-stable bioconjugation chemistry for proven ADC stability. We also have access to LCBs ConjuAll platform.

Our extensive payload portfolio includes DNA cross-linkers & monoalkylators, our novel ‘ProAlk’ series of protein alkylators, next generation, potent tubulin binders and pro-apoptotic tyrosine-kinase inhibitors. Our research programs include next generation topoisomerase I inhibitors and oligonucleotides.  
Iksuda’s antibodies are selected for optimal ADC characteristics and are generally sourced through research collaborations with leading research institutions.


Fit for purpose, with optimal ADC characteristics
Sourced through proprietary discovery, engineering enhancement or in-license


Stable conjugation for wild type or site-specific antibodies
Using Iksuda's proprietary PermaLink or LCB's ConjuAll technology


Highly advanced tumour-selective payload activation & release for improved safety
Prodrug linker technologies are included in all Iksuda's ADC programs


Portfolio of advanced novel ADC payloads with tumour-selective activation chemistries
- DNA cross-linker payloads
- DNA monoalkylator payloads
- Protein alkylator payloads
- Topoisomerase inhibitor payload
- Advanced tubulin inhibitor payloads
- Anthracycline payload

Tumour-selective activation also allows enables use of 'traditional' ADC payloads, where ADC differentiation relates to Iksuda's multi-platform design principles.

03 World class ADC R&D Team

Building a successful ADC pipeline requires experience-based integration of multiple components to achieve a high probability of success. Iksuda’s strategy has been to build an R&D team with a world-class level of expertise and experience to move differentiated programs forward with high likelihood of progression through clinic. We have assembled a team of top ADC innovators and drug developers to successfully execute our ADC programs.

Our CEO, Dave Simpson, co-founded Iksuda Therapeutics in 2012 and has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of biologic therapies.

Our R&D activities are overseen by Bob Lutz who has more than 30 years of ADC experience, including his role as VP Translational R&D at Immunogen.    

Iksuda’s commercial elements are led by Ian Evetts who has >25 years of experience in drug development and marketing, delivering deal making, business development and investment strategies for major pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Iksuda is guided by an impressive advisory team of industry experts, previously representing companies such as Immunogen, Seattle Genetics, Takeda, Immunomedics, Igenica and Alexion.    

04 Expanding therapeutics pipeline

Iksuda is building a pipeline of next-generation, class leading ADCs for cancers of high unmet need. We only progress ADC programs through IND enabling studies if they demonstrate clinically meaningful differentiation over in-clinic comparators. We have two programs in clinical trials and a growing early-stage portfolio. 

Our decision-making is driven by a desire to develop the best ADC for any given target, using a large toolbox of ADC assets and the experience of a team of ADC experts. All our ADCs benefit from tumor-selective activation of payloads, selected to best match the associated tumor(s) and target.

Our later stage ADCs target antigens with clinical validation in ADC formats: this approach enables calibration of therapeutic efficacy and therapeutic margin through analysis of prior clinical experience and incorporation of these learnings into next generation ADCs. Importantly, our in-clinic programs provide clinical validation of the tumor-selective payload activation platforms fundamental to all our ADC programs.

IKS03, a CD19-directed ADC is in Phase 1 trials for B cell cancers
IKS014, a-HER2-targeting ADC is in clinical trials for HER2+ cancers
IKS04, a CA242-directed ADC is in IND enabling studies for GI tumors
IKS012, a FOLR1-directed ADC in in IND enabling studies for ovarian & lung cancers and TNBC

Iksuda has multiple early-stage ADC programs which are focused on solid tumors of high unmet need.

05 Partner of choice for ADC development programs

Iksuda welcomes collaborations with partners for the development of class-leading ADCs. We offer our expertise and assets to design optimized ADCs against targets of each partner’s choice. For us, it is important to deliver the best ADC possible for each target and we therefore advise and guide through all steps of ADC design and preclinical validation.

Iksuda believes that flexibility is key for successful partnerships. We are happy to consider a variety of partnering structures depending on the strengths and capabilities of each Party.

All our ADC programs are available for license at any development stage, including under exclusive option should this be preferable to secure earlier-stage assets. Iksuda’s ADC platforms are also available for license against selected targets of interest.

We are constantly reviewing the ADC landscape and are always keen to talk with research groups that are developing ADC-relevant assets. Iksuda is flexible in its approach to collaborative development with its partners to accelerate ADC research and development.

If you are interested in talking with us about licensing or research collaboration, please contact us.  

When I talk to the Iksuda team, I know that I can be completely open and honest as if I'm speaking with old friends. With Iksuda's expertise and a shared passion for innovation, I am confident that we are creating the best novel ADC drugs together.

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