ADC Programs

Discovery Programs

Building a pipeline of clinically superior ADCs to known and novel targets

Iksuda is building an extensive early-stage ADC pipeline.

It is based on known and novel targets, with a goal to advance class leading drugs to the clinic for the treatment of cancers with high unmet need. 

Our targets include both known (in the ADC field) and novel antigens, where we work with leading collaborators who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the relevant field. 

All ADCs contain tumor-selective payload activation & release, this approach being validated in the ongoing FS-1502 (IKS014) clinical program where it is associated with good anti-cancer efficacy and a favorable safety profile over other HER2-directed therapies. 

In designing our early-stage ADCs, we are incorporating modified linker formats, tuned to each payload mechanism through, for example, optimized cleavage kinetics. As for all Iksuda’s ADCs, payload selection is based on matching the most appropriate MOA with the target and tumor. 

Depending on the target and its expression profile, we also assess options for enhancing internalization and modifying exposure characteristics for optimal efficacy and clinical utility.