The ADC Jigsaw

Author: Dr Jenny Thirlway

Antibody-drug conjugates are an increasing focus in the fight against cancer, and they may have an untapped potential to improve standardof-care chemotherapy

The decades-old war on cancer has yet to be won. While progress has been significant in many indications, mortality rates for some of the most difficult to treat solid tumour types have not improved substantially since the 1970s. For oesophagus and lung cancer, 10-year survival statistics have shown an increase of less than 10%, and pancreatic cancer has shown no improvement at all (1). Furthermore, even in cancers such as melanoma, breast, and uterine where survival rates have improved, more efficacious treatments with fewer debilitating side effects are needed.

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This article is taken from European Biopharmaceutical Review July 2019, pages 58-62. © Samedan Ltd